Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Hi from co-creator of UPSET - Stuart Fairhurst. Here's a place you can put your own game tips as well as hearing some of ours....
Tip #1
Be sure to collect Keeper Cards whenever possible - they will help you win the game
Tip #2
Beware holding on to your Keeper Cards too long; one of the best parts of the game is stealing other Keeper Cards - unless it's your card being stolen!
Tip #3
Did you realize players can join in a game in progress if everyone is agreeable? You don't necessarily have to wait around if someone is late getting home from work/school/lectures etc. Start the game and let them join in when they arrive. True, they may be at a slight disadvantage to start with but a few good dice throws, a couple of lucky cards, and they could be up with the leaders before you know it. Just be sure to make them stake the pot with their 10 uPcentS before they start!