Thursday, July 24, 2008

UPSET® in Cottage Country

Great time up in Cottage Country....
The Cottage Country Craft Fair at Bala (Muskoka) on July 12th and 13th was a terrific event.
On Saturday the rain brought in great crowds and the UPSET booth was busy from open to close with lots of players and sales. Two young guys at different times on Saturday, DAVID and ZACH, were both keen players who enjoyed repeat games during the day.
Sunday was a really beautiful day so attendee numbers were down a little but BECKY and MAYA, who had played (and purchased) on Saturday, came back on the second day as well and played some more games with us. (They also admitted they had played 3 further games the night before and thought they might be a little bit ADDICTED to UPSET..... Becky, Maya, it happens!!).

LISA and DAVID also seemed to enjoy their game A LOT. I can’t even remember who won but it didn’t matter - it was all in the play. They picked it up in a flash and were really well matched and it looked like it would be the first of many, many games and all hotly contested. Good luck to you both!


Monday, July 14, 2008

Humber College Marketing Expo

Overdue update!
The blog has remained undone for a while because there has been too MUCH activity since the start of summer. It began with the post-grad business students at Humber College and their Marketing Expo (See pictures from the event below and a fun time was had by all!)
Great meeting you guys, thanks for all your ideas and insights and glad you enjoyed UPSET® so much. We look forward to continuing the close contacts with Humber College that you have established.