Monday, June 6, 2011

UPSET Sponsors the Newmarket Redmen Minor Bantam AE team 2010

Last year UPSET sponsored the Newmarket Redmen, a Minor Bantam AE team, and they had a GREAT year!
Here's the update from a mother of one of the players via email: 

I have been meaning to email you many times now, just to give you an update on my son's hockey team this year.  You and your organization graciously sponsored the team this year. 

Our boys have had a great year.  They finished 1st overall in regular season play for York Simcoe Region, and they are currently playing in the York Simcoe semi-finals against Barrie.  They made it as far as the OMHA Semi-finals last week, where they were defeated in 5 games (of 6) against Richmondhill.  They also won the Uxbridge Early Bird Tournament this past fall.  I've attached a team pic for you from this tournament (above).

It's with your help and the other companies that have sponsored this team that has allowed these boys to develop to this level of hockey, through extra ice time and tournaments.  I just wanted to thank you again for your support, and I hope that as we look forward to next year (try outs are in April !) that you will consider sponsoring this team again.

Thanks again,

p.s.  the team has made it to the York Simcoe Finals, with game #1 against Aurora tonight.  
Just wanted to let you know that the Newmarket Redmen Minor Bantam AE team won the York Simcoe Championship last night, beating out Aurora in 3 games.  They took it in overtime with 1:02 minutes left in o/t, with a score of 3-2.

Thanks again for your support this year in sponsoring the team, and hope we can count on you again next year!

We, here at p.s. PlayGames, want to thank Chris for the emails and for sharing the great news about the Newmarket Redmen! They had a great year and we hope this year is even better. 

Congratulations Team!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Great Emails from an UPSET Game Fan

We receive lots of great phone calls and emails from FANS of UPSET, but these ones were especially nice and we thought we would share them with everyone.

Email from Lori of Alberta:

We are HUGE FANS OF UPSET and I am hoping that your new game is released and ready to purchase.  My hubby, Tim, has put it on his Christmas list.  He is very hard to buy for and had to complicate even more by only having 2 items on his list.  A heavy long sleeve shirt to keep him warm but not heavy or hot...???...that's all I'll say on that one!  And of course the new game from the makers of UPSET.  We live in Alberta if that helps.  Am I in luck?  Thanks, Lori

AND after I told her about our NEW Travel Game - UPSET Express, this was her response…

OMG...this is incredible....I will buy the travel game UPSET Express!!! Holy dina...thank you, you just made my day and Tim's Christmas…
… we feel [UPSET] should be "THE" top #1 selling game period!!!!! 

AND after she received her UPSET Express Game…
Wanted to let you know that I received "the" greatest parcel of all...ooooh yeah!  Thank you so much again for not only giving the gift of Christmas but the gift of your service is exceptional and a real honor to be on the receiving end.  Will keep you informed.  Merry Christmas!

We, here at p.s. PlayGames, would like to thank Lori for these nice emails.

We would also like to take this time to wish every UPSET Game fan a great holiday season and thank everyone for the great emails and phone calls. UPSET had a good year and hopefully next year will be even better!

Happy Holidays and a Happy and Healthy 2011!

Paul Thomas & Stuart Fairhurst
(UPSET Game Inventors)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Selects UPSET as a Toy That Entertains and Educates!

On November 16, 2010 we noticed a very high spike in visits to our website and then again on Sun. Nov. 21. It wasn't until Monday when we found out (by email) from someone in Ottawa looking for the game that selected UPSET as a Toy That Entertains and Educates! We received increase phone calls and internet inquiries (especially from out west) wondering where they can buy UPSET. One women from Vancouver told us that she saw it in the Holiday Shopping Guide in the Vancouver Sun. Well after some research we discovered it in newspapers from Montreal to Vancouver. Isn't that FANTASTIC!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UPSET Game Joins 100 Mile Finds

You can now find UPSET on the new 100 Mile Finds Website. It's a great place to search for unique gifts, original handmade items and specialty services right in your own backyard and it's the best resource for great local shopping. With great categories such as: 'Things to Do', 'For Her', 'For Kids and Pets, and "Seasonal', etc., it makes finding what you're looking for much easier. They have started their search in Toronto, the GTA and southern Ontario, but plan to cover the rest of the planet 100 miles at a time. They have even blogged about our game: UPSET at 100 Mile Finds. So drop by their web-site and find what you're looking for!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"UPSET Game Players of 2009" CONTEST WINNERS

p.s. PlayGames is pleased to announce the WINNERS of the 'UPSET Game Players of 2009" Contest!
This year the title is not going to just one person. This year we have selected an enthusiastic group of six players from London, Ontario to share the title of 'UPSET Game Players of 2009'!!! Here is their winning entry:
From left to right: Anne, Mark, Jason, John, Tyler and Kate (not in photo)

History of this photo:

"We purchased the game [UPSET] as our family "Christmas gift" in 2009. We played all through the holidays with our friends and family and continue to do so regularly almost every weekend. Initially we started playing this game as a form of social, friendly fellowship amongst friends and family. This soon changed dramatically, and has now become a ritual where all players wear their favourite colours to each game. It has become a weekly passion with each game bringing on new strategies and a great test of your wit. We have entered this contest to share our story as well as hopefully be chosen as the winner and secure a trophy. The trophy would then serve as our weekly prize for those winners of our games who can walk away both with bragging rights and the trophy; the ultimate UPSET!"

"Our Interpretation of this game is as follows, based on testimonials of all our family and friends when playing UPSET:"

'U: - Ultimate, undaunted, undermining, unpredictable and unprecedented'

'P: - Principals, playful, painful, paranoid and phenomenal'

'S: - Superior, suspenseful, social and sleepless'

'E: - Extreme, entertaining, exciting, enjoyable, emotional, enduring and envious'

"T: - Tricky, tantrums, torturous, trying, tempting, testy and tremendous'


This amazing group of players have also provided us with ideas for new UPSET Cards and are spreading UPSET Fever to everyone who knows them. We certainly feel that these great people truly deserve the title and that they embody our company motto: "Inspiring Friends and Families to Connect Through Games".

Kate, Mark, Jason, Anne, John and Tyler, we were blown away with your entry and it means a great deal to us. Thank you for loving the game so much and we hope you enjoy your prizes (T-Shirts, trophy, and a NEW UPSET Express Game). We can't wait to get down to London, Ontario sometime soon to play a game or two with you all.

Bravo, Champions!
Paul Thomas & Stuart Fairhurst (UPSET Creators)

Introducing UPSET Express - The Travel Game

UPSET® Express is the fun and fast paced dice game that’s NEW this year! Players must beat the set score or they lose their chips. Be the last player standing or the first player to roll U-P-S-E-T to win! A great travel game from the makers of UPSET®! 2-4 players.
Selected HOT Toy of the Summer 2010 (travel games) - Canadian Toy Association.
Contents: Dice Shaker, 5 Unique Dice, 4 sets of 5 Upcents (20 chips in total), Carry Bag and Rules.
On-line price: $10.99 CAD

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Best UPSET Game Ever

Is this the biggest UPSET on record...?!!

Picture it - My score was 9450 and another player gives me "It's an UPSET Birthday" card (a new expansion Keeper card) forcing me to draw the next card from the pack. Whaddya know - "Score Goes Back to 2000"! - a general hilarity everywhere else round the table. Little did they
know that I had the Keeper Card "Go Back a Box" (a new expansion card).

My turn comes around, I play my Keeper Card and my score goes back to 9450. Now everyone is groaning as I take 7 upcents out of the pot (because my score went from 2000 - 9450) and proceed to my roll... And I throw 4, 4, 4, 1, and 5 - total 550! My scores goes to 10,000 and it's another fantastic... win with score going from 2000 to 10,000 in one turn!!

It was amazing and I loved it!

Stuart Fairhurst

UPSET Game Player of 2009 Contest

p.s. PlayGames is looking for the UPSET Game Player of 2009! Go to: for more information on how to enter. It's FREE and there are many great prizes... like an engraved trophy, T-shirts and expansion packs. Plus get your photo and story published on our web-site. Contest ends April 30, 2010.

UPSET Game Expansion Packs

New UPSET Expansion Packs are now available on-line at new Upset Cards and extra score sheets are grouped in 4 different packages to suit every game player's needs.UPSET Expansion Packs give you 2 great products for one low price! All priced at $5.99 CAD.

Expansion Pack #1 includes 6 NEW UPSET cards (2 Keeper and 4 Player Cards) to add to your original deck of 52 cards. PLUS 50 extra score sheets! Each Expansion pack adds a great NEW element to every game! Expansion Pack #2 includes 50 extra score sheets and 6 NEW and DIFFERENT UPSET Cards, this is the final expansion pack to add to your UPSET Card deck and will give you a total of 64 Cards if both expansion packs are purchased. The Expansion cards will make for more GREAT play and interaction among the players. FUN and EXCITEMENT for all!

Expansion Pack#3 is for the UPSET Game owner who is looking to add more strategy and fun to their UPSET games but doesn't need the extra score sheets. Pack #3 includes 12 expansion cards (4 Keeper and 8 Player cards) to complete the original deck of UPSET cards. The complete set of 64 UPSET cards will give each game new elements with lots of strategy and great fun!

Extra Score Sheets also available for those who just need more score sheets and don't need the Expansion Cards. It consists of 2 Pads totaling 100 UPSET Score Sheets. All of the Expansion Packs and Extra Score Sheets are $5.99.