Thursday, November 8, 2007

UPSET® at the Hobby Show 2007

UPSET had its first exposure at the Canadian Hobby Show on November 2nd.-4th., 2007 and what a successful outing it was! Attendance at the exclusive UPSET booth was continuous, especially on Saturday and Sunday. Old and young alike filled the 3 gaming tables set up and learned to play and enjoy UPSET with several coming back later in the show to have another game - Erika claimed she was “already addicted to UPSET!”

Instructors Shawn, Stuart, Nicole and Paul (L- R) had their hands full coaching new players and even enlisted the aid of other participants - Erika again - thanks Erika! - to help instructing the gamers. The enjoyment and the excitement of the players themselves invariably communicated itself to the observers around the tables, ensuring a good time was had by all.

UPSET play only stopped at the tables when it was time for the regular raffle draws and the excitement of winning at playing the game was only equaled by the excitement of actually winning a free game!

Drawing for a FREE UPSET Game
Marilyn Fraser (Happy Winner)

Congratulations to all draw winners - Andrew, Marilyn, Alex, the other Andrew, Nicholas, Erika and the wonderful Spanish-speaking family who won a game right at the end of the show and whose name we did not get in the excitement.

All agree it truly is

UPSET® at Local4 Bar/Restaurant

October 30th
Local 4 Bar/Restaurant on downtown Dundonald Street in Toronto hosts a regular euchre-playing group on alternate Tuesdays of the month and, on 30th October, the group invited Paul and Stuart to introduce the game to them on a special games night. Prompted by group member Allana who already owned and played UPSET regularly, the euchre players enjoyed an instructive and sociable UPSET evening with lots of good food and drink and even more fun and excitement playing UPSET. The host for the evening, Marie Josée, was lucky enough to win a draw for a free game of UPSET, as was Scott, and Paul and Stuart donated a game to Local 4’s collection of games which are played on the bar’s regular games nights on Sundays.
Drop by for a game.... it’s GREAT to get UPSET!