Sunday, June 13, 2010

"UPSET Game Players of 2009" CONTEST WINNERS

p.s. PlayGames is pleased to announce the WINNERS of the 'UPSET Game Players of 2009" Contest!
This year the title is not going to just one person. This year we have selected an enthusiastic group of six players from London, Ontario to share the title of 'UPSET Game Players of 2009'!!! Here is their winning entry:
From left to right: Anne, Mark, Jason, John, Tyler and Kate (not in photo)

History of this photo:

"We purchased the game [UPSET] as our family "Christmas gift" in 2009. We played all through the holidays with our friends and family and continue to do so regularly almost every weekend. Initially we started playing this game as a form of social, friendly fellowship amongst friends and family. This soon changed dramatically, and has now become a ritual where all players wear their favourite colours to each game. It has become a weekly passion with each game bringing on new strategies and a great test of your wit. We have entered this contest to share our story as well as hopefully be chosen as the winner and secure a trophy. The trophy would then serve as our weekly prize for those winners of our games who can walk away both with bragging rights and the trophy; the ultimate UPSET!"

"Our Interpretation of this game is as follows, based on testimonials of all our family and friends when playing UPSET:"

'U: - Ultimate, undaunted, undermining, unpredictable and unprecedented'

'P: - Principals, playful, painful, paranoid and phenomenal'

'S: - Superior, suspenseful, social and sleepless'

'E: - Extreme, entertaining, exciting, enjoyable, emotional, enduring and envious'

"T: - Tricky, tantrums, torturous, trying, tempting, testy and tremendous'


This amazing group of players have also provided us with ideas for new UPSET Cards and are spreading UPSET Fever to everyone who knows them. We certainly feel that these great people truly deserve the title and that they embody our company motto: "Inspiring Friends and Families to Connect Through Games".

Kate, Mark, Jason, Anne, John and Tyler, we were blown away with your entry and it means a great deal to us. Thank you for loving the game so much and we hope you enjoy your prizes (T-Shirts, trophy, and a NEW UPSET Express Game). We can't wait to get down to London, Ontario sometime soon to play a game or two with you all.

Bravo, Champions!
Paul Thomas & Stuart Fairhurst (UPSET Creators)

Introducing UPSET Express - The Travel Game

UPSET® Express is the fun and fast paced dice game that’s NEW this year! Players must beat the set score or they lose their chips. Be the last player standing or the first player to roll U-P-S-E-T to win! A great travel game from the makers of UPSET®! 2-4 players.
Selected HOT Toy of the Summer 2010 (travel games) - Canadian Toy Association.
Contents: Dice Shaker, 5 Unique Dice, 4 sets of 5 Upcents (20 chips in total), Carry Bag and Rules.
On-line price: $10.99 CAD