Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Great Emails from an UPSET Game Fan

We receive lots of great phone calls and emails from FANS of UPSET, but these ones were especially nice and we thought we would share them with everyone.

Email from Lori of Alberta:

We are HUGE FANS OF UPSET and I am hoping that your new game is released and ready to purchase.  My hubby, Tim, has put it on his Christmas list.  He is very hard to buy for and had to complicate even more by only having 2 items on his list.  A heavy long sleeve shirt to keep him warm but not heavy or hot...???...that's all I'll say on that one!  And of course the new game from the makers of UPSET.  We live in Alberta if that helps.  Am I in luck?  Thanks, Lori

AND after I told her about our NEW Travel Game - UPSET Express, this was her response…

OMG...this is incredible....I will buy the travel game UPSET Express!!! Holy dina...thank you, you just made my day and Tim's Christmas…
… we feel [UPSET] should be "THE" top #1 selling game period!!!!! 

AND after she received her UPSET Express Game…
Wanted to let you know that I received "the" greatest parcel of all...ooooh yeah!  Thank you so much again for not only giving the gift of Christmas but the gift of your service is exceptional and a real honor to be on the receiving end.  Will keep you informed.  Merry Christmas!

We, here at p.s. PlayGames, would like to thank Lori for these nice emails.

We would also like to take this time to wish every UPSET Game fan a great holiday season and thank everyone for the great emails and phone calls. UPSET had a good year and hopefully next year will be even better!

Happy Holidays and a Happy and Healthy 2011!

Paul Thomas & Stuart Fairhurst
(UPSET Game Inventors)


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