Tuesday, April 20, 2010

UPSET Game Expansion Packs

New UPSET Expansion Packs are now available on-line at new Upset Cards and extra score sheets are grouped in 4 different packages to suit every game player's needs.UPSET Expansion Packs give you 2 great products for one low price! All priced at $5.99 CAD.

Expansion Pack #1 includes 6 NEW UPSET cards (2 Keeper and 4 Player Cards) to add to your original deck of 52 cards. PLUS 50 extra score sheets! Each Expansion pack adds a great NEW element to every game! Expansion Pack #2 includes 50 extra score sheets and 6 NEW and DIFFERENT UPSET Cards, this is the final expansion pack to add to your UPSET Card deck and will give you a total of 64 Cards if both expansion packs are purchased. The Expansion cards will make for more GREAT play and interaction among the players. FUN and EXCITEMENT for all!

Expansion Pack#3 is for the UPSET Game owner who is looking to add more strategy and fun to their UPSET games but doesn't need the extra score sheets. Pack #3 includes 12 expansion cards (4 Keeper and 8 Player cards) to complete the original deck of UPSET cards. The complete set of 64 UPSET cards will give each game new elements with lots of strategy and great fun!

Extra Score Sheets also available for those who just need more score sheets and don't need the Expansion Cards. It consists of 2 Pads totaling 100 UPSET Score Sheets. All of the Expansion Packs and Extra Score Sheets are $5.99.


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